NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entry – T. Mitchell Bell – Simple

This song Simple was inspired by a bumper sticker I saw while sitting in Northern Virginia Fairfax County traffic one day. I wrote it years ago but it seems even more relevant now with all the electronic devices that we are plugged into.

I worked in the high tech industry until 2008 when I unplugged and was laid off during the recession. So I went to Nashville to make my debut recording and haven’t looked back. This song was recorded at my actual desk built into the wall in our den. Thanks to NPR for playing the best music. Where would radio be today without you?


Bell Family Jam

A very special evening, three generations of family, five bands all together for one night of great music.

Tommy Bell, Harry Turner and Tony Janflone Sr. formed Marshmellow Steamshovel, a psychedelic rock band, in Pittsburgh back in the 60’s. They released only one single on Head Records in 1968 with the songs Mr. Mold and Steamshovel.

Sadly Harry Turner passed away, but the surviving original members Tony Janflone Sr., guitar, and Tommy Bell, drums, will reunite with Don Czaplicki on bass and Charlie Barath on harmonica, to play at The Bell Family Jam at The Rex Theater July 25th, with doors opening at 7 pm the music starts at 8 pm.

T. Mitchell Bell, Tommy’s son, will play with his band The Wandering Coalition.

Christopher Bell and Matthew Locy, T. Mitchell’s sons will play with their bands The Weathered Road and The Rusty Haywhackers.

Shannon Jones, Tommy’s granddaughter and daughter of Chere Bell Jones will play with her and her partner Joe Pritchard’s band The Recipe.

This will prove to be a once in a lifetime all out jam that you don’t want to miss.

Advance tickets are available online at: for $10 and $12 at the door.


CD Release Show

Some very cool stuff coming up folks. A live performance on WDVE coffeehouse and finally a CD release show that will include both of my sons bands; The Rusty Haywhackers and The Weathered Road, my niece’s band, The Recipe, and my Dad’s band, The Steamshovel Blues Band. Details to follow.

Get Witness?

As of today there are three online sites where you can get a CD or a digital download. My Bandcamp site has the option of getting a physical CD or digital download with payments through PayPal.

CDbaby has both downloads and physical CD’s.

And NoiseTrade Where you can download the songs for free or leave a tip in the tip jar.

So there it is for now. No reason not to enjoy the new record while I recover from my wrist surgery and then the CD release party will happen in a big way!


T Mitchell Bell


Thoughts about the new record.

I have never been a music marketing person, just a singer-songwriter. I never felt comfortable saying LOOK at ME and What I DID!

I have always been more introverted, a creative thinker, a loner Dottie, a rebel. But I think I have created something unique over this past year with my new record “Witness”. I hope you will stream it, listen to it, love it, buy it, share it.

I really need your assistance in getting this music out because the message is IMPORTANT. It is a record about HOPE for HUMANITY to change, adapt, and stand up for what is right. We need more justice in this world. We need to treat each other with compassion and understanding.

Social media, and regular media, even old media is constantly trying to get our attention. We are overworked and underpaid and one more voice saying HEY LOOK AT WHAT I DID or SIGN UP FOR THIS CAUSE NOW may just be the one the causes people to throw their mobile device against the wall. But if you have a few minutes, actually take 50 minutes to listen to the whole record with headphones and YOU will not be disappointed.

Thanks for your attentiveness in our increasingly distracted world. Just click on the album cover and check it out.