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So where do you like to download your online music from?

You get my new record following the links above. Thanks! Mitch

Get Witness?

As of today there are three online sites where you can get a CD or a digital download. My Bandcamp site has the option of getting a physical CD or digital download with payments through PayPal.

CDbaby has both downloads and physical CD’s.

And NoiseTrade Where you can download the songs for free or leave a tip in the tip jar.

So there it is for now. No reason not to enjoy the new record while I recover from my wrist surgery and then the CD release party will happen in a big way!


T Mitchell Bell


Thoughts about the new record.

I have never been a music marketing person, just a singer-songwriter. I never felt comfortable saying LOOK at ME and What I DID!

I have always been more introverted, a creative thinker, a loner Dottie, a rebel. But I think I have created something unique over this past year with my new record “Witness”. I hope you will stream it, listen to it, love it, buy it, share it.

I really need your assistance in getting this music out because the message is IMPORTANT. It is a record about HOPE for HUMANITY to change, adapt, and stand up for what is right. We need more justice in this world. We need to treat each other with compassion and understanding.

Social media, and regular media, even old media is constantly trying to get our attention. We are overworked and underpaid and one more voice saying HEY LOOK AT WHAT I DID or SIGN UP FOR THIS CAUSE NOW may just be the one the causes people to throw their mobile device against the wall. But if you have a few minutes, actually take 50 minutes to listen to the whole record with headphones and YOU will not be disappointed.

Thanks for your attentiveness in our increasingly distracted world. Just click on the album cover and check it out.




Out with old….

I am cleaning out the room over the garage for the music room/recording studio and I have a bunch of old computer stuff. An old P3 1000 ghz with 1 gb of ram PC is still functional but really outdated. It will only run Linux but I have no idea why I should keep it or what I can use it for but hate to get rid of it. It cost $1500 to build in 2001 but I would be lucky to get $30 for the case and power supply.

IDE Hard drives, CAT 5 cables, and even DVD/CD burners are becoming obsolete. You can fit all the data on a USB thumb drive that I used to use for the whole operating system. So what to do with all this old stuff?

Close only counts in horseshoes ; (

Dear Kickstarter supporters,

Thanks for your pledge, but we didn’t reach the goal so no Kickstarter funding.

One of the major contributors suggested keeping the momentum going for the CD and I agree. $3000 is a lot of money for supporters to donate and just have nothing happen.

So I am using my PayPal merchant account that I set up for selling CD’s to accept donations to still make this album. So far I have $1000 committed from donors and I will be using $1000 of my own funds.

If you would still like to support this project, just follow the link below to donate.
I will honor the reward levels that I had on my Kickstarter, so you will get the same reward that you chose on Kickstarter for your pledge on PayPal. If you wish to change your reward, please email me and let me know.

Click on the PayPal logo below to make a donation to support making the new CD. is my email address on paypal for donations.

I can’t express how much it means to have friends and family willing to support this.

All the best,


Thanks everyone for donating. So close, but so far ; (

You can still help me get this CD recorded and pressed by donating through my PayPal account. I will honor the reward levels from KickStarter. My PayPal account is a merchant account so you are protected and can always change your mind and request a refund.

Just follow this link if you still wish to contribute. Just fill in the amount and leave a note about what reward level you want. is my email address on paypal for donations.

Thanks again SO MUCH for putting up with my constant posts for the last 60 days!

Two failed attempts at fundraising for a record has left me feeling somewhat burnt out on the idea of doing it again. That being said $3000 is a good amount of support that could make a great record.

You can always email me at  and we can discuss how to move forward and make it happen.

Thanks again for supporting independent singer-songwriters. There is no way I can do this alone.

Peace, love and blessings!


3 Days Left

My Friends,

Regardless of the outcome of this fundraising effort, thank you very much for your support and believing in my songwriting. I have learned who my true fans and friends are and how much work is really involved in promoting a Kickstarter campaign. This will be my last fundraising effort for a long while. I will continue to write and make music, it is in my DNA. I didn’t choose it, it chooses you.

If I have to make this record on my own computer with two microphones rather than going into a professional studio, so be it. That was how I was able to get a grammy winning producer/engineer interested in helping me make my last album.

So if I don’t reach the goal, all is not lost. One way or another I will find a way. That is what I have learned to do best.

Peace and may God bless,


CLick here to go to my Kickstarter page and pledge if you can. Thanks!


Ok I am going to make this real enticing. For a $10 pledge you will get a digital album download of The National Road and The Ballad of Philo Paul!

The first 25 pledges at the $10 level get an immediate download of “The Ballad of Philo Paul” from Bandcamp. I just need your email to send the download code after you pledge.




Halftime 15 days to go!

Hi everyone,

First of all, let me thank you for being a fan and supporting my music career. I realize how important that is, especially now.

I am recording a new record of songs about America. These songs are written about my hope for the future of our country.

My first recording  “The Ballad of Philo Paul” featured the title track which was written about my 3rd great-grandfather, Philo Paul, who fought against slavery and to preserve the Union in the Civil War. He paid the ultimate price at the Battle of Spotsylvania, “The Bloody Angle” May 12, 1864.

This record will be featuring my 2nd great-grandfather, Rev. Thomas P. Proudfit, who was a Presbyterian minister that traveled out west to Nebraska in 1863. He would give a sermon at one church and ride on horseback to his next sermon, sometimes traveling many miles the same day.

He and his wife and family followed The National Road, Route 40, all the way to Nebraska. I thought this story would be a perfect fit and analogy to what is happening in our nation now. I wanted to explore many angles. We do live in the most amazing country on Earth, though not perfect, it is these trying times that test our faith and hope for the future.

I can’t do this record on my own. So it really is up to you how much we can do together to make this record. The budget is very tight, with studio costs, paying musicians, and giving rewards; Any money raised above my goal will be used for tour support and promoting the record.

Here is my budget plan to make the album for $5,000.

Production, studio time, engineering mixing, and musicians $3,000

Mastering CD pressing, $1500

Fees and reward fulfillment. $500

**If we do not reach $5,000, the project will not be funded (your credit card will not be charged) and no prizes will be sent out. **

Please help SPREAD THE WORD through Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc. I can’t do this alone. I truly need your support.

I thank you sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. Making music, protecting the environment, and our nation mean so much to me. The only thing more important is my family and God. I would like to think that your support makes you part of my musical family.

Peace, love and blessings,


Plan B, The National Road.

Thank you everyone for backing my project “Freedom Rust”. I may have been overly ambitious with my goal, the timing wasn’t right, I overestimated the appeal, I don’t know what the reason is for not reaching my goal, but I always get back on the horse ; ) It must be in my DNA.

Plan B, The National Road, an acoustic based record, a collection of songs that I have written about The United States of America and the promise of The American Dream.

We can do this!

Kickstarter keeps track of how quickly projects get funded. The sooner you pledge again the better. It may get the project featured as project of the day, etc. So please don’t delay. Let’s make this one a big success!

My goal on this project is $5000. We can do this!!

Follow the link below to get involved in making The National Road.

We can do this!!